Step 1: Read the Avicenna Cuisine Guidebook to understand the fundamentals of understanding our Digestive System, the 7 Nature Given Essentials, 6 Nurturing Essentials, Knowing Your Temperament, and Knowing the Temperament of the Foods we eat.

Step 2: Take the Avicenna Cuisine Temperament Test to determine your primary or primary and secondary Temperament. This will help our team suggest the right ingredients that balance and suit your Temperament.

Step 3: Learn about your Temperament overview on your profile page. Browse through the primary ingredients you should be cooking with in your Avicenna diet for your specific Temperament. A full detailed description of your Temperament can be found in the guidebook.

Step 4: Follow the Avicenna Cuisine blog for recipes, health & wellness updates, fun facts and more as we continue to develop this renowned system. Share your feedback and stories on this hot, cold, wet and dry system from your cultural perspective.


Avicenna is the Latinized name for Ibn Sina. He was arguably the most significant physician of the Middle Ages as well as being an influential voice of the pre-modern era of medicine. While basing his medical system on those of Hippocrates and Galen, Avicenna’s writing in his Canon of Medicine took a universal perspective, collecting, distilling and synthesizing all the medical knowledge that existed at his time, including different medical systems from India (Aryuvedic), Chinese, Greek (Unani), Persian, Egyptian, Hindu and Tibetan.